Entertain Your Gamer – Preview – Beatles: Rock Band

Having gotten home rather late this evening, I did not get to spend as much time with the freshly released Beatles: Rock Band as I would have liked, but I wanted to post some initial thoughts.  As a start, if you already like Rock Band and you like the Beatles, then this game is a no brainer purchase.  What makes this game more than being a glorified 45 song track pack? It is clear that Harmonix has taken extreme care in the design of the game’s “Story.”  Covering the full gamut of the Beatles 10 year career the game starts in famous Cavern Club in Britain and ends on the unforgettable rooftop concert at Apple Studios.  The surviving members of the Beatles served as consultants during the game’s development and it really shows that this game was a true labor of love for those involved.  Each chapter of the story covers a different time in the Beatles’ illustrious career and the songs chosen are well representative of each venue.  I have played the first three, all of which are live performance venues, and the video vignettes preceding each chapter nicely showcase how Beatlemania is growing.  There is one key addition to the standard Rock Band gameplay formula, and that is the addition harmony to the vocal tracks.  On select songs, two or even three part harmonies can be sung by a full band, enabling an even closer representation of what being with the Beatles would have been like.  The tracks included in the game have all been digitally remastered and sound excellent when blasting out your stereo speakers.  One might think that the guitar tracks would be reletively simple given the era in which many of these songs were written, but that is far from the case.  Even in the initial chapter playing guitar on expert reveals charts that are sufficiently challenging for even the most savvy Rock Band player.  With even the limited time I have had with the game thus far I can safely say that this game is a must buy for any music game fan.  If you are looking for a game that both kids and adults can enjoy then this game is an easy recommendation.  I will post some additional thoughts on Beatles: Rock Band as I spend more time with it.  Down the road the entire Abbey Road album will be available as DLC.  I am playing on Playstation 3 and have all of the instruments necessary for full band play which is another area I really would like to write  on after I get some friends over to my apartment.  Let me know your thoughts on the game and I hope you are enjoying your time with it as much as I have thus far.


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