Entertain Your Tangent – Travelling Sucks Sometimes

I feel that I should preface this article by saying that I am entering hour 4 of what is shapping up to be a 7 hr delay her at the lovely Columbus International Airport, and that any venom or cynicism contained herein is strictly the result of annoyance that set in around the 3 hour mark.  This will not be typical entry to this blog, of which there have been painfully few in recent months, but will likely devolve into a rant of sorts and for that I apologize.

Like many of the others sitting the Gates C-46-C51 section of  Concourse C are attempting to fly to Atlanta, GA.  As time has gone by it would seem that the weather gods have not seen fit to smile on the ATL on this fine Sunday since there has been a tornado watch keeping planes from coming in for much of the day.  At 6pm the tornado watch expired and the brains working air traffic control in Atlanta started handing out landing times for all scheduled inbound flights.  There was an audible groan of shock, disappointment, and compounding annoyance when it was revealed we would prisoners of CMH for three more hours.

I would consider myself no stranger to air travel, although in comparison to some of my friends I am rookie when it comes to dealing with all the headaches that this particular mode of transport can offer.  I can only imagine the logistical nightmare that results when even one airport in the system has to stop allowing incoming flights for even an hour, let alone most of an afternoon.  My situation is certainly enviable by some considering that I have no connections after I arrive in Atlanta, but the knowledge that I likely will not even be stepping foot in my hotel until some 7 hrs after I was scheduled to certainly does eat at my threshold for annoyance.

I am incredibly thankful that this airport has at least done the kindness of providing free wifi to those that pass through its gates.  It has made this experience at least slightly more tolerable as I have been able to vent my frustrations through my favorite social mediums.  For the time being I think I will possibly peruse Hulu or read a book (a novel concept I know).  Might add more to this later, especially if further delay are thrown into my path.  As much as I loved the movie Up in the Air, I don’t think that that sort of lifestyle is something that I could ever undertake myself.  I do know that there are some that thrive on travel and the sense of exploration that it provides.  I for one am perfectly content with the state of Ohio and all that it offers me.  If today has taught me anything its that if I can drive somewhere in less than 10hrs I probably will.


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