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Entertain Your: Sports – The Question in Cleveland

With time winding down in the 4th quarter of Game 6 between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, things looked grim. It was win or go home for Cleveland, and everyone was still waiting for Lebron James to play like the MVP we all knew so well. Down 10 points, Lebron hit consecutive 3’s to cut the deficit to four. Here was the Lebron we had been missing since Game 3. The Celtics barely took notice and pushed the lead back to nine with less than two minutes to play. It was at this point that the Cavaliers quit. Nine points in 90 seconds is indeed a mountain to climb, but it’s not an impossible task. It seemed like they knew deep down that even if they forced a Game 7 that they were simply delaying the inevitable. Air seemingly drained out of the bar where we had gathered to watch this game. One of my friend had his head in his hands, and I could only say that we should be used to this by now. The Cavs had been unmasked by a Boston team that outplayed and outplayed them every step of the way. Game 3 proved to be an anomaly, and in the end Doc Rivers took Mike Brown to school on how to properly coach a Playoff series. I have made peace with this. I’ll say it plain and simple: Boston deserved to win and the Cavaliers did not. The question now remains, what will Lebron do now? Continue reading


Entertain Your Tangent – Cleveland Sports

Today was like many other football Sundays that I have sat through during my 25 years of life.  Sitting in a chair after having donned my now somewhat tattered jersey, the opening kickoff commences and I cling onto the vain hope that my team will be able to pull off the unthinkable and actually win.  Yes my friends, I am a Cleveland Browns fan and I have been suffering for much of my life under the delusion that my team will one day win a Super Bowl.  Born in 1985 to two Cleveland-born parents I have been a Cleveland sports fan my entire life.  Of Cleveland’s three professional sports teams, the Browns, the Indians, and the Cavaliers, none have caused me more emotional pain than the Cleveland Browns, or as some of my friends so cleverly stated today, the Cleveland Clowns.  The Indians and Cavaliers have at least given me precious glimpses of what winning a championship could be like before having it snatched away in a manner that only Cleveland could muster. Continue reading