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Entertain Your Gamer – Review – Heavy Rain

How far would you go to save someone you loved?  This is not a question that is asked in many video games, let alone treated as seriously as it is in Heavy Rain.  Created exclusively for the PS3 by French company Quantic Dream, and directed by studio founder and CEO David Cage, Heavy Rain is a hard game to classify.  Cage himself coined the term “interactive drama” to describe his creation, and this term is apt.  The opening chapter introduces us to Ethan Mars, happily married, and father of two sons, Shaun and Jason.  You wake up and go about tasks such as brushing your teeth, working, and preparing for your son’s birthday party later in the day.  This may not sound like the most exciting game from the outset, but this introduction teaches players about the intricacies of Heavy Rain’s rather unique control scheme.  Most interactions will generate prompts on the screen for the character to follow.   Some are simple button presses while others are flicks of the right controller stick.  This game also features some of the best use of the Sony Sixaxis controller to date.  Your wife arrives home with your sons and you play with them.  Focus too much on one boy and he may grow mad at you.  All of these little sequences serve to teach you one very important thing, and that it that your actions as the character have tangible consequences.

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